Harold Rodgers

If your fire protection contractor is bidding more than .65 per square foot, we need to talk.

We need to talk because you're likely being charged too much. This stems from inexperience in the fire protection industry. The main problem being CRC 313.3.

The new code will likely bring fierce competition for your business. This competition will include contractors trying to enter the field of fire protection as well as existing fire protection companies caught in the confusion caused by this new California Residential Code. Some contractors may present unrealistically low numbers in hopes of winning a bid. Others may lump undocumented fees into their square footage price or just pad the price in an attempt to cover undiscovered jurisdiction requirements. These actions could result in production schedule delays, overpayment for materials and services, unexpected cost increases during the construction phase, and failed inspections.

Fire Sprinkler Systems solves the CRC 313.3 problem with experience.

Trust us to know what we're doing. Since 1993 we've forged lasting professional relationships with fire officials and building authorities. We've collected a library of information. Our industry connections and knowledge make us very aware of the three major contributors to the increase of square foot cost:

  • Fees and/or additional requirements imposed by local agencies.
  • Low water pressure that necessitates having larger pipe in the system.
  • Inclusion of architectural features such as beamed and/or vaulted ceilings.

We understand exactly how these cost contributors should affect bids.

Our promise to you is disclosure.

Every bid we submit includes everything you need to know to make an informed choice. Jurisdiction-imposed fees and requirements are documented. Material cost projections are accurate. Any need for additional labor cost due to architectural features is right out in the open. Our customers stay loyal because they know our bids will always tell them: Yes. We can do it. The job will take this long to complete. Here is exactly what it costs. Here is what you get for your money.

Contact us today to receive an accurate bid.