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Correctly sized pipe, minimize amount installed, maximize coverage.

Contact us today so we can do the math for you. Our formula works for single and multi-family residential units. It includes CRC 313.3 compliant systems. Some jurisdictions add unavoidable cost.

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Your problems solved with automatic fire sprinkler systems that cost less

It takes years of experience, dedication, and work as a residential fire protection contractor to do this kind of math. We've been perfecting the formula since 1993 and our research continues. The result works out in your favor with every house we protect.

Here's a little more detail...

Our three-fourth inch pipe leads to savings.

Smaller pipe flows bigger savings

It's simple, really. You want to use ¾ inch pipe. Because as soon as the diameter goes to 1 inch, the cost per foot jumps by 67%. We find ways to use smaller pipe everywhere we can. Our suppliers back us up on this. They even talk about it when we order: "How do you guys pull this off? No one else touches your volume of three-quarter CPVC."

Of course there are exceptions to the ¾" rule. They come into play when water pressure is too low or when we can actually save money by using pieces of 1" or 1.25" pipe.

Trust Fire Sprinkler Systems to keep costs low by using not only using smaller pipe, but by using it in quantities that make sense.

The bottom line

Take advantage of our volume purchasing power and the best fire sprinkler system engineers in the business. They are the keys to solving your CRC 313.3 related cost problems. You get systems with the least amount of water flowing through each individual piece of pipe. When that happens, your sprinklers are code-compliant and your costs drops as low as it can go. Contact Fire Sprinkler Systems today to learn more.

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Here's what we've been doing since 1993

We've installed 2,645,983 sprinkler heads (enough to fill eight 53-foot trailers). We've installed 40,075,684 feet of sprinkler pipe (imagine an orange line that runs from San Diego, California to Portland, Maine and back). We've protected 96,741 residential units. That's over a quarter-million people living a safer life. We're proud of that.

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Since 1993 we have delivered the efficient service you need at a cost that works.

No charge for engineering, plan submittals, and permit processing.

We comply with the most demanding insurance requirements.

No back charges for damage repairs during construction.